Monday, May 6, 2013

Chateau de Saint-Dau

Chateau de Saint-Dau
I made a Sunday drive yesterday on a mission to photograph wisteria. You'll see more of that later in the week. I found lots of other things to photograph as Lucie and I wandered the 'neighborhood.' Today I simply want to share one of those things.... the lovely Chateau de Saint-Dau which is less than 20 kms from where I live. This is not a 'McMansion' or someone's 'starter castle;' this is the real deal. Parts of it date to the 10th century. It's now owned by some Australians who have both renovated it and are cultivating a distinctive rose labyrinth on the grounds. While it's not generally open to the public, there are events such as horse competitions and concerts held at the Chateau to which the public is invited.

And yes, I know that I am both lucky and blessed to live in this beautiful place!

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