Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friends in Paris

You've probably noticed that my last couple of blog posts have been from Paris. I'm home now, but spent the week there in the capital city. The woman on the far right is the reason I made this trip. My friend, Marie (aka Mickey in our high school days) was there for a visit, and what a perfect excuse for a trip to my favorite city. We had such a good time! And over dinner this night, we did the math. We've been friends for fifty years!! How can that be? This photo was taken on rue Christine outside the restaurant, La Rotisserie d'en face it's a wonderful place to eat, by the way. I had my first taste of sanglier...oh yum! You'll be seeing more of Paris in the upcoming days, but Paris this time was more about friendship. And I wanted you to know that!


  1. I've been following your Parisian adventures and am green with envy. The weather down here has been awful, so you've missed nothing.

  2. You can't beat catching up with old friends and what a great city to meet up in!

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