Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 850th Birthday

I love living in France. And there's not much about French life that I don't enjoy. I've learned to tolerate and work with the bureaucracy. I've adapted to everything closing down over the lunch two hours. I've learned how to read the road signs and gotten used to round-abouts and yielding to traffic on my left. But, I have to admit....sometimes the French get it wrong. In my opinion, of course, which no one really cares about. I feel as if I have to complain about this, though Not the fact that Notre Dame is celebrating her 850th birthday, but rather what the city of Paris has done to her parvis. If you've visited Paris, you know that the big square in front of the church is usually wide open. You can easily find the pretty stone star that marks ground zero...the place from which all distances from Paris are measured (unless a tour group from Taiwan is standing on top of it). Tourists and the faithful wander, mix, mingle, and queue in the parvis...usually, but not this special year...

Stadium seating, food and trinket dealers, tourist information and a satellite office of the mairie of Paris. Can you say 'tacky?' In my opinion, of course!

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