Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love Lock Bridge

My wanderings with Sab did take me off the Left Bank via the Pont des Arts. Sab asked me what I thought of the love lock bridge. Well...it was a sweet idea once, but in my opinion, its time has passed. How special are a gazillion locks which are now destroying the bridge? As we photographed these eye-sores, an older man proudly pointed out the one he and his wife had just locked on...Vincent loves Cynthia. Sab was glad he hadn't muttered his derogatory comments about the locks out loud!
This is what the weight of the locks eventually does...rips big holes in the fencing. Enough holes and the whole section is removed and replaced with an ugly wood panel.

But hey, I'm not un-romantic! Enjoy this love lock video from YouTube!


  1. Interesting post and I agree with you "it was a sweet idea once!" There again I'm not much of a romantic!

  2. He he, I'd forgotten that guy who pointed out his lock just after I'd read the names on it - lucky as you said I didn't say anything embarrassing about them!