Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miss.Tic in Motion

As promised, here is Sab's favorite photo of our morning wander around the Latin Quarter last week. You saw this street art by Miss.Tic yesterday. Here's a bit of her story: Miss.Tic is a rather mysterious street artist who has been 'decorating' the walls and buildings of Paris for years. Known for her sexy and provocative feminine characters and her brilliant word-play epigrams on love, her work can be seen all over the City of Light. According to Sab, she's been caught and prosecuted for her 'crime.' If she's caught again illegally sharing her art on public buildings, she will be sent to prison! Really? These Parisians take their graffiti seriously! Not to worry, though, as Miss.Tic's fame and stunning graphic art has garnered her legitimate sources to display her galleries, exhibitions, and by commission, on the walls and windows of Parisian buildings. Sab and I saw one such example on the window of a little bistro in St. Germain.

I took several shots of this piece of Miss.Tic's work. Sab showed me how to focus on a subject and then wait for movement to come into camera this case, a woman riding a bicycle. By snapping at the right moment, you obtain an interesting blur along with a crisp, sharp image. I have to admit...this was a lucky shot! I took several others that were snapped either too soon or too late for the proper effect. But, then, photography isn't always about proper skills and technique; sometimes it's all about luck!

Part of the package for my photo-wander tour with Sab was his critique of five of my photos from our morning. If you're interested, here is what he put together for me including his critique of the Miss.Tic in Motion photo. I had so much fun learning from Sab. I'll never take photos quite the same as I did before our time together. I highly recommend his tours whether you're a beginner, point-and-shoot photographer like me or a more seasoned professional... Sab has good things to share!


  1. brilliant - what an interesting experience!

  2. WEll from the looks of Paris, the graffiti police have taken a coffee break! I love this effect. I'm going to try it soon. Great shot.

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for including my video here Evelyn. It was a pleasure to tour the city with you and I look forward to doing so again sometime!

  4. Great photo! Looks like you had an interesting and inspiring photography tour.