Thursday, June 27, 2013

BEHOLD: A Blank Slate

Lucie and I pass this simple stone wall every morning on our walk. I always notice the big stone in the middle, but today I really 'saw' it. As I contemplate this photo, many phrases come to mind. The first and most obvious is a simple description: a large, light-colored rectangular stone. Accurate, but boring! Other phrases pop into my empty page, a closed window, the blank cover of a book. But the phrase I keep coming back to is  'a blank slate.' Wouldn't I love to have my life a blank slate some days! To start over, to get it right. But life isn't like that; my past...both good and always there. I can erase some of it and push some to the side, but I can't really get rid of it. And who would want to erase all the good things anyway?

The best I can do is choose what to keep tucked away, what to focus on, what to remember and enjoy, what has to stay and be a lesson for tomorrow. The choice is mine. And in the cleared away space--the blank slate place--I can write today's experiences, joys, challenges, and memories. Hopefully, in brilliant color and lovely words!

What's your choice for today's blank slate? Keeping the clutter of anger, hurt, fear, frustration? or pushing those to the side to write today in joy?

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