Saturday, June 29, 2013


The frogs in Eddy and Helen's lovely little pond make the strangest noises! The first time I heard them, I have to admit I thought it was Eddy burping in the garden. These little guys produce burps and gurgles and br-er-r-king sounds 'way louder than their small sizes would indicate. Very different from the peeps and trills and chirping songs I'm used to from Iowa frogs. Maybe these guys sing in French?


  1. We had a laugh some French friends the other day discussing the noise made by mating frogs. We were commenting how much louder they were than the English ones we were used to. Their response was that's the English way!

  2. When the weather is warm the frogs in a nearby reservoir keep us awake all night long! This year, with the inclement weather, they have been much quieter!