Saturday, June 1, 2013

Orchid Day

Military orchid
My friend, Maggie, loves wild orchids. Called 'orchidees' (orchid-days) in French, they are the first things Maggie looks for when she comes to her holiday home in Promilhanes each spring. This year she found a guided orchid tour and asked Sue and I to join her. After looking at Maggie's beloved orchids all morning, both Sue and I are hooked! Once you see one orchid, you begin to see them everywhere. Our guide, Eric, is a local expert and was able to identify each one we found. This is almost the end of their blooming season, but was the first dry day after many wet ones to actually do the walk. We finished our morning tired, muddy and hungry, but enthusiastic about finding and identifying more orchids next spring.

Fly orchid
Pyramid orchid
Butterfly orchid
Tongue orchid

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