Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Magical Evening

A fifteen minute drive from home....a 13th century Chateau on the edge of a charming village...
We gathered in the Chateau courtyard...
as the late evening sun began to cast long shadows across the valley below.
Our host for the evening shared a bit of family history before
we mounted the candle-illuminated staircase to the grand salon of Chateau Cenevieres.
9 pm and the stage is set for an evening of guitar magic.
Celine Cardinot and Olivier Bensa entertained us with music and song from Brazil, Argentina and Spain as well as tunes from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. After an encore, we all retired to the open courtyard for a glass of wine under a velvety sky sprinkled with stars, warm breezes punctuating a chat with our host who is the grandson of the couple who currently own the Chateau. Truly a magical evening!

Because my video really doesn't do justice to the beauty of their music, here is one from the Duo Cardinot-Bensa website:

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  1. We go to a similar event at the Chateau de Mayragues in the Tarn, a medieval fortified house. The concert is normally outside in front of the chateau, weather permitting. They are magical events. In fact, we're going tomorrow - I must blog about it afterwards. I love the illuminated staircase in your photo. They do the same at Mayragues, but the candles are in the windows.