Monday, July 22, 2013

Along the Lot: Part I

After a long, rainy and dismal spring, summer has arrived with a vengeance. It's been very warm the past two weeks. Lucie and I have been pushing our morning walks back earlier and earlier to avoid being out in the heat of the day. This morning we walked along the Lot, always pleasant but even more so in the cool of the early morning. Farmers here irrigate their crops along the river with these water cannons. The farmer across the river from my house runs his all night. There's something very cooling about hearing the water splash against the leaves of the corn when I close my shutters for the night.
Water is pumped through these pump houses dotted along the river bank to valve outlets by the farmers' fields. Using long sections of pipe, they connect to these valves and put the water cannon in just the right place to water their crops. On these very warm days, it feels really refreshing to accidentally get sprayed when you walk past the field.
Lucie cools off, though, by simply going for a swim!

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  1. I love the rainbow effect! We have been cycling but mostly early in the morning, otherwise it's too hot. Mind you, I'm not complaining after the rotten winter and spring we endured.