Saturday, July 13, 2013

From the Archives: Cucuron

I just finished reading a fun book called 'The Angel Tree' by Alex Dingwall-Main who is a landscape designer living in Provence. The book is about his search for an ancient olive tree for his wealthy client who wants it for a small courtyard at his Provencal estate. At one point in the search, Alex meets Mr. Rich Guy for lunch in Cucuron to report on his progress in finding the perfect ancient tree. From the description, I think they must have lunched right here where I did in 2007

My pilgrimage to Cucuron was inspired by the movie, "A Good Year" starring Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard. They had their first date here at the bassin de l'estang transformed through Hollywood magic to a delightful outdoor theater/restaurant. I loved this village...enough touristy things to be interesting, but not inundated with so many visitors that I couldn't enjoy them.
It was in Cucuron that I took one of my very favorite photos of Provence.

Looking for light summer entertainment with a French flair? Try reading 'The Angel Tree' or rent "A Good Year."


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. And your favorite photo :-)

  2. I loved that film. I will look out for 'The Angel Tree.' Funnily enough a friend has just lent me 'The Luberon Garden' also by Alex Dingwall-Main. I can see why it is your favourite photo.