Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun at the Farm

There was an almost embarrassing number of activities going on this past Sunday. I narrowed my choices down to three: Africajarc*, the village mechouidinner, and a marche gourmande*/open farm event up on the causse. Jean, Greg and I opted for the farm as we had all ordered barquettes* of snails from the snail guy and could pick them up during the market. I also wanted to buy some sheep cheese produced there on the farm. We found quite a crowd when we arrived...lots of children running around, musicians wandering and entertaining, and good aromas wafting through the air as vendors began cooking lamb, coucous, stuffed vegetables, and paella. The sheep, unfortunately, were not very attractive. But they must be good milk producers because....
their cheese is rich and delicious! I bought two chunks: the one on the left is vielle tomme de brebis*; the one on the right is jeune tomme de brebis * I've sampled both and I'm not disappointed...they're yummy. Sorry, I can't show you the snails as they are already in the freezer. Maybe when I heat them up to eat, I'll remember to take their picture. annual weekend celebration of all things African in Cajarc
Mechoui...summer village roasted sheep dinner served with beans and onion soup with big chunks of  
                 baguette in it
Marche market
Causse...dry, rocky plateau above the river valley
Vielle tomme de brebis...aged sheep cheese
Jeune tomme de brebis...young sheep cheese

If you click on the link for marche gourmande, you will see a video shot in 2007. While the cheese producers are the same, our markets haven't had a hot air balloon! It's fun to watch it fill and take off, though, and delightful to hear the excited children watching it.

Found this video of last year's open farm.Wish the band had been there yesterday!

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  1. Wait until taste the sheep milk cheese produed in these mountains :)