Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Dad's 92nd birthday! I certainly hope I've inherited both his longevity and vitality genes...he's still going strong.  I predict we'll celebrate his 100th some day. You've seen other photos of his special Honor Flight weekend last month. Here he is by his home state pillar at the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. He and my brother had a grand time visiting all the veterans' memorials, but the WWII memorial was the most significant for him as he served in the Pacific theater of operations during that war. He was in the Navy aboard an LST which saw action in Okinawa and the Philippines.
While my Dad wasn't a Marine, this iconic image of Marines raising the American flag at Iwo Jima seems a fitting way to honor all military men who saw action in the Pacific.

Bon anniversaire, mon pere. J'taime!!

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  1. Your Dad looks in great shape - easily on for 100, I'd say.