Monday, July 8, 2013

Sheep or Goat?

Lucie and I took a little hike this morning over in the Cele Valley. We started in Espagnac and hiked to St. Eulalie and back along the river. Even though our path was mostly tree-lined and shady, we were really hot and sweaty by the time we returned. At least Lucie got to jump in the Cele and swim a bit to cool off! I spied this guy as we made our way back to the car. I'm not sure if he's a sheep or a goat, but I think he's really cute. I'm dedicating him to my friend, Edith. There's something about a sheep in a black beret that makes me smile and think of her.


  1. I think he is a sheep. I love the Cele Valley. We passed through Espagnac on our walk last year and saw a wonderful looking gite d’etape there - must go back one day. I followed your link to read your blog entry on the shepherd and his sheep in the Pyrenees. I was lucky to stumble upon such a thing in the Pyrenees too, a few years back, and I was transfixed watching the shepherd round up his huge herd of sheep.

    1. I thought about you as I walked. I was on the GR 651 which I imagine is how you walked this part of the valley. I saw the gite d'etape you looked very interesting, although I thought Espagnac looked a bit 'sterile' overall. I like Marcilhac-sur-Cele better