Saturday, August 3, 2013


I haven't done much exploring north of where I live beyond the Cele Valley. So, yesterday armed with Helen Martin's book "Lot: Travels Through a Limestone Landscape in Southwest France," I spent the day visiting small villages about 50 kms north of Cadrieu. I was loosely following a route on the Gramat Causse recommended by Ms. Martin. I'm always surprised by the differences I find in each area of the great limestone plateaus that define this area. Where I was yesterday offered some sweeping views in all directions coupled with woods sprinkled with small meadows put up in hay. I saw some livestock, but very little cropland. I think this part of the causse, much like the part just above me, is very dry and rocky, not conducive to cultivation. One of the first villages I stopped in was Lunegarde. Luckily l'Eglise St. Julien was open as I was anxious to see the 16th century frescoes described in the book I carried.
A Nativity scene...
A lovely Madonna and Child
I think I agree with the book's author that these dancing shepherds are my favorite. They seem to be having such a good time!

More from this church tomorrow....

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