Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not What I Expected!

What do you do when you live in a centuries-old chateau, want to keep it authentic, but really don't want to cook as folks did in the Middle Ages? First, you search out all the empty rooms and spaces, even those underneath....

Access might be a bit tricky, but if it's the right space, you can make it work, eh?
I'd say this works! Appliances and work counters line the walls with very modern track lighting running the length of the room making it very bright. The wall on the right is lined with beautiful inset wooden cabinets as well as the refrigerator.
I think the whole village could eat in here. There's even a cozy red banquette in the corner for more intimate meals.
I'd kill for this stove!
As lovely as the kitchen is, there is nothing pretentious about it...voila! the empties.
Just beyond the kitchen, though, a bit of medieval history has been preserved. The owner's wife showed us this...the opening to the dungeon. Prisoners were held here. And kitchen garbage was tossed in the opening as well. A chilling reminder that life in the Middle Ages had an unpleasant side..
A welcoming basket of bread.

Addendum: it came to my attention via an anonymous comment that not everyone will realize that this post is related to the one preceding it. For those of you who didn't realize....this is the kitchen of the Chateau de Cabrerets that we visited during patrimoine weekend. Click here for that post. Sorry if I confused you!

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