Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Color: Pilgrim Blue

Detail of a pilgrim hostel door in Figeac

Pilgrimage has been a recurrent theme in my life over the past four years. I've had a faux-pilgrim experience, traveled a few pilgrimage paths, and visited more than one pilgrimage site. Over the next year, I'll be sharing more pilgrim adventures with you. In fact, next weekend I'll be visiting my favorite pilgrimage village, Conques, for a special event. Don't worry...I'm taking my camera along, and I'll be sharing the festivities with you!


  1. What an intense blue that door is. Your photo has given me an idea of what to do with my old walking boots! Lovely picture.

  2. Where I used to live in the Colorado mountains, people used their old ski boots as flower pots. I think hiking boots would work as well. I think the flowers in these boots are cut, not growing, but I could be wrong.