Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Man Walking by Alberto Giacomettie
Ever since my first art history class in college, I've been a fan of Alberto Giacometti, Swiss-born sculptor, painter. and printmaker. While his almost-Surrealist style isn't for everyone, I find his gaunt and tortured figures compelling. I was thrilled to find an entire courtyard at the Fondation Maeght devoted to Giacometti's work. Further research revealed that Aime Maeght represented Giacometti throughout most of his career, both selling and collecting his work. Research also revealed that another Man Walking from a series of sculptures created by the artist sold at auction (Sotheby's London) in 2010 for a record breaking $104.3 million. That's serious money! Looks like I have good taste in artists.

Giacometti Woman

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