Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heaven is Old Rocks and Pottery Shards

I was in hog heaven when I visited the archaeological site next door to the Matisse museum. I love old rock and pottery shards just as much as I love old art. The museum and the site are free. And...they actually encourage you to take photos here. "You can use the flash if you wish" said the nice woman at the entry. So, I did!

You see the Roman arena before you even enter the museum. It's called the Cemelenum and like the Matisse museum, is actually located at the edge of Nice in Cimiez.
As Roman arenas go, this one was small only holding about 5,000 spectators. But it had all the same parts and the same functions....gladiator fights, wild animal hunts, tortures, executions, and games.
It's a lovely introduction to the museum and the rest of excavations. That's where we'll go next time.

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