Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello from the Riviera!

Hello from the Riviera where life is an adventure of people, traffic and finding a parking place! Underneath that level of frustration, though, you can see the beauty that lures people to this area and keeps them coming back. I'm staying in Antibes  and spent yesterday afternoon wandering through old Antibes. It's a warren of charming old shops, restaurants and museums. I visited the Picasso Museum located in the old Grimaldi castle overlooking the old port. While there are very few works by Picasso on exhibit right now (all on loan to other museums) there are many other artists represented with striking paintings and sculpture.

There's a whole room devoted to Nicholas de Stael who died in Antibes in 1954. Shhh! this is an illegal photo taken before the 'guard' scolded me for using my camera. Hey...I didn't know...there weren't any signs anywhere and most places it's okay to photograph if you don't use a flash.

Next time I'll share some of the modern sculptures that enliven the terrace. It's okay to photograph outside!

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