Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a Believer!

I've never thought I needed a GPS system. Give me a map and the car keys and I'm a happy girl! Nothing I like better than a good road trip. I can always get from Point A to Point B. But I was a bit worried about my trip to the Riviera. It's one of those high density areas...lots of people, lots of buildings, and LOTS of cars. All crammed into the narrow streets of really old cities. I had borrowed a friend's TomTom for a trip to the Toulouse airport and found it very handy for navigating the back roads. So, I decided to purchase my own before my trip last week. Am I ever glad I made that decision!

I'm not sure I'd have even found my B&B without the TomTom. Even the lady in it had doubts...she kept asking me if I really wanted to be on an unpaved road. I wasn't, but told her to go for it. Nice was especially a nightmare. The Nice airport is the second busiest airport in France (only Charles DeGaulle is busier) Does that give you any idea how many people were driving around in town?? I've never circled so many round-abouts or merged onto so many tiny streets! I would have never been able to do it with Madame TomTom. She and I had a couple of hiccups, though. She sometimes counted round-about exits a little differently than I did, and I never could convince her that the unpaved road to my B&B was okay!

Using my GPS system on my Riviera vacation has definitely made a believer out of me! Don't drive in French cities without one.

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  1. I'm a believer - I was never good at map reading! A GPS system is especially good in cities and towns. You still have to use your common sense though - ours recently tried to take us up the wrong side of a mountain in Spain luckily we turned around when we did otherwise we would have been stuck!