Friday, October 25, 2013

'Pottery Shards'

The archaeological museum of Nice definitely displayed a lot of pottery shards, but I found these beautiful amphorae more photo-worthy than the bits and pieces. Used since Neolithic times to transport a variety of liquid as well as dry commodities, these were probably used for wine. The oldest relics in the museum date from around 1100 BCE when this area (Cimiez-Nice) was inhabited by late Bronze Age peoples. The Greek and later, Roman settlers, however, left the most beautiful artifacts for us to discover...
Like this gorgeous bronze mask
and these tiny bronze figures.
My personal favorite....a larger-than-life marble sculpture of Antonia Augusta from the 1st century CE. She left quite a legacy...daughter of Mark Anthony, mother of Claudius, grandmother of Caligula, and great-grandmother of Nero!

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