Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Celebration in Conques

Ste.Foy in the tympanum
There's a celebration going on this weekend in Conques, and I'm attending. It's the feast day of the Abbey's patron saint, Ste. Foy. I first 'met' Ste. Foy in 2009 and was immediately smitten with this 12-year old girl martyred for her faith in 303 CE. Her story and how she came to be in Conques is full of miracles, mystery and intrigue...with a bit of larceny thrown in for good measure! How can you not like a little saint who loves gold jewelry and playing tricks on people and whose favorite miracle to perform is releasing prisoners from their shackles and chains?

Look for the celebration of Ste. Foy in my upcoming blog posts.

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