Thursday, October 3, 2013

Two Years

An anniversary slipped by quietly this weekend with barely a whisper. It wasn't until I was writing out my rent check Monday morning that it dawned on me... I've been full-time here in France for two years! It seems like only a few days ago I was moving into the Little Train House #434 at the level crossing in the shadow of the Chateau. "So," you may be saying, "do you still love it or is the honeymoon over? Has the bloom faded from the rose?"

In answer, I'll tell you that I love it even more today than I did two years ago. Yes, the bureaucracy is still difficult to live with and the French love of paperwork amazes me. I've learned to cope, though...I save every piece of paper I receive and make multiple color copies of anything that  looks even remotely official. I've reached a dangerous plateau with speaking French. I can make myself understood, but I don't totally understand what people say back to me. They assume I 'get it;' often I don't. I'm hoping to remedy that with more French lessons at Christiane's. Those things and missing my family are the only negatives about living here. The positives far, far outweigh them

Life feels vibrant and comfortable. I mostly understand how French life flows now. I'm looking forward to returning to exercise class, my singing group, French class and my writing group later this month. Vacations are over and children are back in school. It's time to transition to the quieter winter schedule that, in its own way, is just as full and fun as the special event-filled summer agenda. I feel like I've found a home that makes my heart happy. At least for now...the honeymoon continues and the rose blooms fresh and fragrant.


  1. A writing group? In ENGLISH? Around here? :)

    1. There are a lot of ex-pats (mostly British) who live in the Lot, Aveyron and Tarn-et-Garonne. I'm the only American in my writing group,but they let me in anyway! My exercise class is all French except me. Singing group is mostly French, but we sing in a variety of languages...none of which I know, but it's all done phonetically, so I can cope.

  2. Hello Evelyn , amazing and well done ,, it is 3 years since I was there ,, I remember walkng past your little cute place everyday of my trip ..

  3. Left a comment but it disappeared. Probably because I'm working with a computer I'm not used to.

    Anyway, just hope you continue to enjoy France as much as ever.