Thursday, November 7, 2013

View from the Belvedere

I climbed to belvedere to get a bird's eye view of Glanum. This is the most sacred part of the town. The source that feeds the town's sacred spring  lies to the right in the cleft of the mountains at the head of the valley.
Access to this area was limited here...there was a gate for wagons as well as a separate one for foot traffic. Imagine it looking like this....
There are several temples inside the gate. This one is dedicated to Valetudo, the Roman goddess of health and was built by Agrippa probably during his journey to this area in 39 BCE.
Next to it is the Temple of Hercules

We approach the stairs leading down to the sacred spring....
The original occupants of the town attributed healing properties to the waters of this spring and worshiped their god, Glanis around a simple hewn-rock pool. A building was erected over the pool in the 2nd century BCE. The Romans built their temples dedicated to Valetudo and Hercules on either side of it.

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