Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Lacanau-Ocean

Low tide on Dec. 24th
Lucie found that cute little seahorse I showed you yesterday here...on the deserted beach at Lacanau-Ocean. My friend, Ankie rented a holiday house in Lacanau-Ocean for Christmas week and invited Lucie and I to join her and her dog, Dino, for a few days. Christmas at the beach...even in the dead of winter...appealed to me, and I couldn't be happier that we went. The  summer holiday town was almost empty at Christmas; we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

The weather was wild! France was (and still is) being pounded by 'Tempete Dirk,' a powerful winter storm that caused major flooding and damage to areas of northern France. Even here on the coast due west of Bordeaux, we experienced heavy rain and 50-55 mile per hour winds. The waves crashed and the sand blew, stinging my face. But I loved it!
I think Lucie liked it, too, even though her ears went blowing straight back with the wind! She waded in the water, rolled in the sand, and sniffed everything the surf had deposited along the wrack line. And she found a seahorse!

The weather improved a little during our stay. Enough so that we were able to walk on the beach each day and explore a bit in Bordeaux. More of those adventures next time...

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  1. So beautiful! Love that last photo--someone's really having fun. Sicily's beaches are nice and empty now--so much nicer than in the crush of summer.