Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Lucie and I didn't get our normal morning walk today, so this afternoon I took her across the road to the river. She can be off the leash there and run as much as she wants. She always takes a little swim and checks out all the dirt mounds left by the numerous moles that live in the small field right below Laury's house. I saw the debroussaillage sign as we crossed the road. Three or four times a year, the department cleans the roadside of weeds, bushes, vines...anything growing on the verge that might impede traffic or obstruct vision. You'd be surprised how much grows in and around the stone walls that line the road in places. The debroussaillage machine even scrapes off the thick moss that grows on top of the stone walls.

I didn't give the sign much thought until I heard the big tractor and mower apparatus coming closer. I looked up and saw this headed right towards us!
This time they were also trimming trees limbs! Lucie and I beat a hasty retreat down to the river and out of harm's way. Sure enough, when we walked back up to the road, our path was littered with tree branches. Which would have been on our heads had we continued!

(In the interest of honest reporting, I did zoom in to get the close-up. We had plenty of time to make our way off the path.)

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