Sunday, December 15, 2013

O Christmas Tree!

You might remember that my first Christmas living here in France I had a 'borrowed' Christmas tree. My friend, Laury, bought a live tree, decorated it with all her lovely ornaments, enjoyed it for a week or so, then loaned it to me for Christmas as she went on a work assignment to Holland. Last year, I decided not to have a tree and just put a big potted poinsettia on my kitchen table to show my Christmas spirit. This year I decided I needed a tree. My local Intermarche had artificial trees at a bargain-price 15 euros, so I bought one. I was pleasantly pleased with how nice it was when I took it out of the box. Now, of course, I needed ornaments. All my beautiful ones collected over the years are packed in storage 5000 miles away, so I opted for a trip to the big L'Clerc grocery store in Villefranche (think mini-Walmart with a bigger selection of wine and cheese)

I hate generalizations, so I'll just say that in my part of France beautiful Christmas decorations are NOT the norm. I'm always puzzled how a country full of the most beautiful art in the world can have such a lousy selection of greeting cards and Christmas decorations. Anyway... I passed on the orange and purple balls and turquoise garland, but managed to find some solid gold balls, white lights and shiny red garland that ended up making a decent looking tree. It'll have to do.

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