Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Sounds of Christmas

Christmas carol lyrics in French
The sounds of Christmas are universal even if our language isn't. The small group of women I sing with met this past Tuesday night at Veronique's renovated farmhouse just outside Calvignac for Christmas carol practice. We'll sing the evening of December 23rd in the church at Larnagol. It will mostly be villagers, I think, and they will be asked to join with us as we sing. Janie tried to explain Christmas caroling to our French singers, but that's not something they 'get,' so she settled for singing one carol outside the church. They looked at us in amazement when we said that in England and the US people wander from house to house singing carols.'In the winter?' they exclaimed, 'don't you get cold?' Well, yes, but....

We sang for two hours, then ate a simple meal together. Christiane made a ham and cheese tart, Vero put together a big pot of choucroute,  Maryvonne made a lovely tarte tatin and stuck two bottles of wine in her basket for good measure.  I brought a bottle of wine and a pretty red poinsettia for our hostess. We ate and drank; talked and occasionally broke into song for another two hours. French friends, food and song...what a great combination!

Can you guess which carols these are in the photo?

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