Sunday, January 19, 2014

Numbers: 434

Little Train House
Cadrieu France
Since living in France, I've begun to collect images of recurring themes. Crosses, for example. They are partout (everywhere) here, and I have a folder full of cross photos. I also collect photo images of Mary, Mother of God. I've posted a few of those in the past. And you will remember several Sunday posts labelled Color. Today I introduce another recurring theme in my image collection: Numbers. Here's the number that started it all...the house number on my Little Train House!

My house is one in a series built along the railroad track in the late 1800s. A railroad employee lived in each one and was responsible for maintaining the 'level crossing' where the tracks crossed a road. (in French, a  passage niveau abbreviated 'PN') They are numbered consecutively. Cadrieu has two train houses...mine (434) and my friends, Helen and Eddy's (433). Some day I'm going to drive the tracks to their end and see just how high the numbers go!

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