Monday, January 27, 2014


I live in a land of river valleys separated by high cliffs and limestone plateaus. Those plateaus are dotted with caves and underground caverns, potholes large and small (called gouffres and igues) and rivers that disappear into the ground only to re-surface many kilometers away in places like this...our local resurgence. It's along the road to Cajarc about a mile from my house. That rushing water you see is part of an underground river that surfaces here through an underground cavern. It flows along a field and empties into the Lot River 100 meters away. Underwater rescue teams from fire departments all over France come here to do their underwater rescue training. I've seen groups from as far away as Paris in their scuba gear getting ready to dive. Recreational divers from all over Europe come here as well. When the water rushes like this, it's a bit dangerous. In fact, a Swedish man died here last summer when he got caught up in the underwater cavern on submerged tree branches and rocks as he dove..
The real reason I'm showing you the resurgence, though, is to draw your attention to its beautiful deep blue water. It's even more turquoise than the photo shows. Now look at the photo above that I took just minutes later of the Lot River where that beautiful blue water is going. Quite a difference, eh? We've had days of rain, and the river is running muddy brown. What's spewing out from its limestone filter, however, is clear and blue. Interesting!

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  1. Hi Evelyn, hope you are well. I know exactly where you are describing and the colour of the water. I could never get over it ,