Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lavender Door

Last Monday when I was out and about taking photos of waterfalls and snowdrops, I stopped in the small village of Felines to photograph the church. I thought the lavender door was unusual. Not sure if it was this color originally or if it has faded over the years to this pretty color. Today a fellow blogger posted a photo on FB that she took in Paris of a purple and green door. You can check out her lovely blog full of the Paris photos here: Paris Thru My Lens. Her photo reminded me to post this. Thanks, Virginia!


  1. Oh now that's a great porte violet! Beautiful.
    Thanks for the link mon amie!

  2. FĂ©lines is just up the road from us but we don't pass through there very often and the church is in a cul de sac square. I have never noticed the colour of the door, I must admit. Will have to go and take another look. Next time you're in this direction you have to come and see us.