Friday, February 7, 2014


I practiced taking photos with my new camera this morning when Lucie and I walked. It was gray and cloudy, so I didn't come up with really brilliant shots. It was more about learning where all the buttons are and when to push what. I have it set up in AV mode just like my old camera. I'll shoot in this until I get a little quicker, then try to learn what other things I can do with this lovely camera. Like shoot in RAW. What the heck is that?? Looks like a steep learning curve for this old dog trying to learn new tricks!!


  1. RAW is just a file that is rich with info and not compressed as in JPEG. They take up a LOT of room on your card but If you are handy in Photoshop, you will find it much easier to edit. You will have to export in a TIFF or JPEG to use though. That's all I know and it's not much. I like your photos!!!

  2. Hope you're having fun with your new camera. I graduated a couple of years ago from a Sony to a Canon Power Shot pretty much like your previous one and have been very happy with it. But I agree you start to want something more sophisticated. I haven't yet worked out all the buttons on the Canon!