Thursday, February 20, 2014

TV'd Up!

I gave up my TV in 2009 before I spent the month of September in France. I really haven't missed it much. I can watch DVDs on my computer and entertain myself with internet news, TED talks, and YouTube videos. I read a lot as well. However, I decided this winter that it would be nice to watch a little TV during the long, dark evenings. Greg loaned me a Sky box (for British TV) that he doesn't use and I bought a simple flat screen TV and no-frills DVD player on Amazon. After weeks of waiting and rain delays, everything is finally completed. I'm TV'd up!

I get some channels from the UK (one that shows a lot of American sit-coms like "The Big Bang Theory" and "Rules of Engagement") and after hooking up a portable antenna I found here in the house, I also receive some French stations. And wouldn't you know it...after buying a TV from Amazon, I won an almost identical one on the tombola drawing at the village Telethon in December! Within days, I went from no TV to two.

The program you see in the photo is "Time Team." A group of British archaeologists wander the UK excavating interesting sites. This show was about a 12th century nunnery built on the grounds of a 19th century estate. In fact, two of the interior walls of the existing manor house were part of the medieval church that stood on this spot 500 years ago. Just my cup of tea!
Seal of the medieval nunnery

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  1. I used to love Time Team. Much to my surprise we're still managing to survive without a TV, but I couldn't do without the radio!