Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Waterfalls and Snowdrops

I felt like a kid let out of detention yesterday! After days and days of rain, clouds, fog, and mist, I awoke to clear blue skies yesterday morning. Finally a day to enjoy the outside...yippee! I threw a pair of jeans, my boots and my camera into the car when I left for Caylus to attend our biweekly worship service. After the service and  the obligatory coffee and cookies, I drove up the Bonnette Valley. (And yes, that was me you might have seen changing her pants by the roadside. I've become so French..I figure if the guys can pee on the roadside, I can change into my jeans!) My goal was the waterfall you see here. With all the rain, I knew it must be huge, and I wasn't disappointed. It was thundering! I was 'misted' even standing on the road to take these photos.

It's almost hard to believe that by summer, the waterfall will become not more than trickle and that children will swim and splash in this pool.

My second stop was along the Seye River at the Abbey Beaulieu. I knew from FB reports by a friend that the area across the river from the Abbey was rich in snowdrops. She was absolutely right...
There were thousands of the tiny white flowers blanketing the ground under the trees.
Aren't they pretty?
It's a good thing I went when I did. By evening it was raining....again.

Flowers aren't the only interesting things at the Abbey. Check this post out.


  1. We've been walking in the Bonnette Valley and it is beautiful. I have never seen the waterfall like that though! Glad the rain stopped, albeit briefly!

  2. I've seen that waterfall absolutely bone dry but when it's in full spate it's quite a sight. The snowdrops at Beaulieu are lovely and I think they like the wet weather this year. We drove past today and the place was carpeted in white.