Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Writing Weekend

It's been a really busy few days around here starting last weekend with a Writer's Workshop held at Richard and Anita's home in Mazerolles. Our writing group, which we've dubbed the Parisot Writer's Group..not very original, but a name that accurately describes us...hosted British author, Amanda Hodgkinson. Amanda has published two books, one of which ("22 Britannia Road") was on the New York Times bestseller list. She spent the weekend working with us as we try to become better writers. It was an intense two days, but wonderful! I think we all learned a lot and have been freshly inspired to work on our 'stuff.'
Lunching but still talking writing
Everyone brought food and drink. Anita's husband, Richard, was the perfect host, keeping the coffee pot fresh and full, heating food, scraping dishes and loading the dishwasher...many times! His work was very much appreciated!
Richard working at 'blur' speed to keep us fed!
Three of our group have actually finished novels; Vanessa's has been accepted for publication, the other two are now in the stages of re-writing and polishing. And after such an inspiring weekend, I'm ready to get on with mine!
Anita's next-door neighbor


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I know Richard enjoyed chatting to everyone in between making copious amounts of coffee! I'm now trying to put into practice what I learned.

  2. I would LOVE to be closer to be a part of a writers group...