Friday, May 2, 2014

Kill Your Darlings**

I'm such a visual person. I've been collecting images for my not-even-written-yet novel since I first came across the story that inspired it. It all began in the village cemetery in Goult, 2005. The main character is Camille, and the book will be the story of her life. Look closely, and you'll see her life swirls around the convent and the countryside outside Goult, Paris and WWII. There are brushes with the Resistance, the German army and the vines of the Rhone valley. Don't rush out and order your copy just yet, though. First novels range from 80-100,000 words in length. I've written a mere 5600 and of those 'darlings' probably a third will be 'killed!'

** 'In writing, you must kill your darlings,'
                                    William Faulkner

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