Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Worship

I've blogged about Monday church before...a small group of Anglicans worships twice a month in someone's home. Being scattered hither and yon over three different departments, we gather at a central residence where a priest from the Chaplaincy comes once a month to lead the service and offer Communion. The second worship Monday is morning prayer.
Recently Pere Serge Golignac, who oversees the Catholic diocese which includes Parisot, offered us the use of this pretty 13th century church in the tiny village of St. Peyronis for our bimonthly services. The dwindling population of France's rural villages, fewer people attending church, and the shortage of priests means that many of these lovely small churches sit unused for much of the time. A village is lucky to have Mass celebrated in its church once a month. Today we had Monday worship for the first time in a church!
There are only a handful of us each Monday, so Andrew and Alan arranged a few chairs in the area in front of the altar rail, while Polly and Ted visited by the door.

The church could probably hold 75-100 people, but our small group sounded mighty with the wonderful domed ceiling amplifying our voices. Pere Serge joined us at the end of worship for a truly ecumenical service

The interior of the church has been very nicely re-done and updated staying true to its Romanesque origins...nothing too gaudy. Even the stained glass windows are tastefully simple..
The most ornate decoration in the church is this unusually carved crucifix...
We will probably only worship here during the warm summer months as these old stone churches get very cold in winter. Today's service was a success. Everyone agreed that the church is lovely and feels very welcoming. Of course, coffee, tea and John's famous homemade shortbread could have had something to do with the good feelings of fellowship we experienced!

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