Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Helen

I never need much of an excuse to visit Faycelles. It's one of the prettiest of my neighboring villages. So when Helen announced that her art teacher there was putting on an exposition of her students' work, I knew I wouldn't miss it. Helen is already an artist, but hasn't done any art for awhile. She decided to pick up her paintbrush again and started lessons earlier this year with Madame Felzines of Felenzi. Madame takes students of all ages; some of the art on display was done by children, but you certainly couldn't tell that by the quality of their work. Helen had only two pastel life figure drawings on exhibit. I'm sure by next year, though, she'll command a whole wall like some of the other students!

The village salle des fetes was full of paintings and
paper maiche people. I especially liked this one, very blue,white and red French!
These are Helen's life drawings. She signs her work with her maiden name which confused me a bit as I searched for her work. Good thing she was the only 'Helen' among the artists!

Welcome sign at the Faycelles salle des fetes.

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