Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Launch

Vanessa Couchman
It's official!! My friend, Vanessa's newly-published novel, 'The House at Zaronza' is launched! Our writing group gathered at Vanessa and Per's house, La Lune, to celebrate this afternoon with champagne and nibbles. Being writers, we know just how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into getting this book written, edited and finally published. We toasted Vanessa's success several times! 'The House at Zaronza' is historical fiction inspired by a true life love story. Here's a brief synopsis taken from the Amazon website:
Set in Corsica, this novel is the story that Rachel Swift discovers as she travel there to learn more about her ancestors. She comes across love letters written in the early 20th century during a secret romance between the village schoolteacher and Maria, the daughter of a bourgeois family. It's a romance Maria's family won't allow. Maria's dreams crumble and her life is then played out against the backdrop of beautiful Corsica and the turmoil of WWI.

While I haven't read the entire book yet (I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy), I've heard Vanessa read bits and pieces of it in our writing group. It's marvelous! Trust me...you should buy. If you like historical fiction, I know you'll like this book!
Vanessa entertains us with stories of the trials and tribulations of writing a novel
We raise our glasses to Vanessa!


  1. Thanks, Evelyn. It was great fun and a relief finally to get the book out. I'll be even more relieved when I get my copies! Thanks for sharing. Now who's next?!

  2. It was exciting to be at of it!