Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good Morning, Glory

I have a free-standing metal frame covered with a rattan awning on my terrace that serves as a shady shelter for my outside table and chairs. It's functional, but rather unattractive. So this year I planted morning glory seeds in big pots next to two of its legs.
The vines have twined nicely up the support poles and I actually have a few blooms.
August 2012
This, however, is more the look I was going for. Sigh...maybe next year?


  1. I *love* morning glory! One year, I ran out of seeds for my favourite, Heavenly Blue, and settled for the mixed colour ones (pink, magenta, white), but they weren't nearly as big. The flowers of HB are almost the size of desert plates. On the other hand, the mixed colour ones self seeded. Don't know why, but the HB never do this.

  2. Looks like the ones you planted are the same as the mixed ones I had, and the ones in the bottom photo appear to be the Heavenly Blue variety.