Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wine Run

I volunteered to make the wine run, but our trip last week ended in failure. Despite phone calls and two visits to the cave, no one was around to sell us wine. Patrick made a call later and found out the owners were in emergency mode...a hail storm had damaged their vines, and they were busy doing whatever it is you do to rescue a hailed-on vineyard. Yesterday, though, was a different story. We had an appointment to meet the vigneron at 5PM. He wasn't there, but a very nice woman sold us several 10 liter boxes of this lovely rosĂ© which has become everyone's favorite summer drink. With 10 of these big boxes in my car's trunk, I felt a little like a bootlegger carrying the 'goods' and delivering to my 'customers' in the village!
View of Cahors from Mont St. Cyr
An added benefit of the wine run was a short side trip up Mont St. Cyr for this sweeping view of Cahors. It's easy from this vantage point to see how the city sits inside a loop in the Lot River. These big loops in the river are called cingles and occur all along its course. My house in Cadrieu sits on a loop like this. It's also easy to see the outline of the medieval part of the city which would have been surrounded by high walls.
St. Etienne Cathedral
Those walls are mostly gone now and the moat that ran along the far side of them has been filled in to become the main street of the city, rue Gambetta.
Pont Valentre
On the far side of the town, you can see the famous Pont Valentre, a 14th century stone bridge that has become the symbol of the city.

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  1. I was in Cahors for a few days in June. A lovely lcity!