Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brigit's Garden

Jenny Beale explains the Gardens to us
I spent a lovely afternoon in Brigit's Garden with my small group of fellow pilgrims during my stay in Ireland. It's one of several places that I'd like to spend more time at during my next visit to the Galway area...a brief afternoon just whetted my appetite for more! After a great lunch at the Garden Cafe, owner Jenny Beale introduced us to the beautiful gardens and their history. Jenny was inspired to create Brigit's Garden in 1997 and opened it to the public in 2004. It's meant to be not only a peaceful and pretty place for visitors to wander and reflect in, but also serves as an environmental educational center.

Designed by Chelsea gold medal winner, Mary Reynolds, the gardens reflect the four great Celtic festivals of the year: Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, and Lughnasa. Here the visitor can enjoy relaxing settings, wonderful sculpture, beautiful plantings among natural elements and wander an additional 10 acres of nature trails. Named after Brigit, Celtic goddess and Christian saint, Brigit's Garden is further explained on its website...do click over to read more.

We'll explore each Celtic festival garden in upcoming blog posts.

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