Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chapel Notre Dame des Graces

Chapelle Notre Dame des Graces
If you're a fan of the film, 'Charlotte Gray', you may recognize my second stop during patrimoine weekend. This is the Chapel Notre Dame des Graces. It sits just outside Lacapelle-Livron and was used in one of the last scenes in the movie. (The chapel was the place where Charlotte and Julien met for the last time before she escaped from France) It sits perched on an isolated promontory called Pech Jonquieres overlooking the Bonnette Valley. Built in 1471 by Catherine de Gorsse, its served as a private funeral chapel for the family of her deceased husband, Pierre de Pause, a rich merchant of the village.
It's unusual for its isolated location away from either a parish church or a cemetery. I was surprised as well by its light, airy interior quite unlike the damp, dark Templar church in the village. There are 5 lovely stained glass windows which face the east. Morning light floods the small chapel.
The altar is filled with ex votos
This lovely carved bench and the well-worn prie-dieu offer places to sit, ponder and pray.
Welcoming the morning sun

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  1. We went for a lovely walk in the Bonnette Valley a few years ago. Unfortunately the chapel was locked so it was nice to see your beautiful photos.