Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Winter garden
We began our wander around Brigit's Garden at Samhain. Pronounced 'sow-inn'  this festival in the Celtic calendar marks the end of harvest and the beginning of winter. Here in France we are fast approaching this time; harvesters are busy late into the evening combining corn and the vendange is in full swing in other parts of the country. Samhain is celebrated from sunset on October 31st to sunset on November 1st and is said to be the basis of Halloween. In France Toussaint or All Saint's Day on Nov. 1st is an important holiday as the French remember their dead ancestors and fill the cemeteries with flowers.
This garden is a large reflecting pool that cradles this sleeping woman made of autumn's fallen leaves  She's curled inward to sleep and rest during the dark of the winter months. The pool is surrounded by birch trees and the embankment below....
Sleeping Earth Woman
If you study her closely, you'll be able to see half the face of Earth Woman. She is lying on her side. The line of white stones on the left mark her hairline. Below you can see a half circle of white stones; that's her closed eye. Continuing to the right, her face slopes to her neck and then lifts up to her shoulder. She's too long to fit into a camera frame, but if you saw her in person, you'd be able to discern the rest of her body and her breast. She's sleeping peacefully until spring, protecting her garden and gathering the strength she needs to burst open into flower when spring arrives.

I love this technology that allows me to re-visit the Garden from a whole new perspective. See if you can spot Samhain in the 5 minute video below taken from the Brigit's Garden website.

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