Wednesday, October 15, 2014

St. Brigit's Cross

The Roundhouse
After wandering through the Celtic seasons at Brigit's Garden, our last stop was at the Roundhouse in its center. This space is used for art and music events as well as a meditation center. Here Jenny spent a few moments telling us about St. Brigit's Cross. The cross probably pre-dates Christianity, but today is associated with St. Brigit. Hanging it in your kitchen protects your home from fire and evil. Crosses are traditionally made on Feb. 1st, St. Brigit's feast day. Our driver, John, remembered making them in school when he was a child. The cross in his house was changed every year when he made a new one. And I have to give credit where it's due....making the cross looks easy; it's not. It is definitely an acquired skill to get it tight and tidy. John was a real expert! His was the best cross of the day!
We laid our finished creations in a circle on the floor, and I was able to snap a quick photo before everyone snatched theirs away. My cross made the flight home tucked in my suitcase and is now hanging on my kitchen door. It's not very pretty, but I hope its protection against fire and evil works anyway!
Crosses on display in the Roundhouse

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