Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Midterm Elections

What do midterm elections, a literary festival deep in la france profonde and pumpkin soup have in common? Ah...an intriguing question, yes? Let's begin at the end...today is election day in the United States. Midterm election turn-out is usually a bit lackluster, but there are some very important races this year which may engender more interest among voters.

When I attended the Parisot Literary Festival last month, midterm elections in the States were certainly not on my mind. I was there to listen to several published authors discuss their books, perhaps be inspired by them, and certainly to purchase a few used/new books for my winter reading. Curiosity about a famous British television star brought me to Sunday morning's cooking demonstration.

Robin Ellis starred in the 70's TV series, Poldark and as I understand from my British friends, was quite a heartthrob! A bit older now (but no less attractive) Robin now lives in SW France where he enjoys semi-retirement and writes cookbooks. Diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic in 1999, Robin's books feature healthy and easy dishes suited for his diet and beneficial to anyone who wants to eat healthy. He chatted about acting and his careet while stirring up a yummy and quite easy pumpkin soup. And in this endeavor, he was assisted by his lovely wife, Meredith. Here's where we connect the dots...

Meredith Wheeler is a retired American writer/reporter for ABC News who met Robin while interviewing him for a piece. After the demonstration, I introduced myself to her as a fellow American...we are few and far between in this part of France. After 'hello' the first words out of her mouth were "Are you voting in the midterm elections?" For a moment I thought she meant in France, but as she went on, I realized she was talking about the US midterms. She is passionate about politics! Feeling a bit embarrassed that I wasn't even registered to vote since moving my official US residence to Nevada, I gladly took her card on which she jotted down website information that led me to join Democrats Abroad as well as to register to vote.

Which I just did by electronic absentee ballot!

And I'm making Robin's pumpkin soup for lunch.

See the connection now?

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  1. Glad to know you voted. This is indeed an important election. I don't believe I realized you were American when I started following your blog. Nice to know…as you say…not too many of us in this area of France. Although I am only there in summers, I feel a deep connection having owned our French home for over 25 years. Now if only I had some of that pumpkin soup.