Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Lure of the Sea

Lacanau Ocean on the Atlantic coast of France
December 2013
I was born and raised in southern California. Some of my earliest memories are of spending time at the ocean with my family camping, splashing in the water, body surfing the waves, and hanging out with my dad while he surf fished. We never lived more than two hours away from a beach. I've always believed that landscapes seep into your subconscious and leave an indelible sense of place on your soul. The ocean is my place. I miss it, and sometimes I'm almost overwhelmed by the desire to see, feel, smell, taste and hear it. Today is one of those days!

Since the nearest ocean is four hours away, the best I can do this morning is wander through my photos and re-live some beach trips here in France. Last winter I spent Christmas on this almost deserted beach in Lacanau Ocean. The weather was fierce...gale force winds with intermittent rain. The waves crashed, the sand blew. It was glorious!
I've tried to scratch my beach itch with the Mediterranean. Beautiful as it is, it just doesn't do the trick. I need the ocean. Maybe it's time for a road trip? Interestingly, one of my very first blog posts at my previous blog, Musings from Red Bell Farm, was about the ocean.  You can read it here.

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