Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beautiful and Accessible

All the hard work up at the Mairie is coming to an end. The renovation is part of a country-wide initiative to spruce up France's tiny villages and to assure that the Mairie (the most local form of government) is handicap accessible. It's a huge project since most of these villages date back hundreds of years, many are built on steep hillsides and the primary building material is stone! Here you can see the newly-landscaped parking lot with its new stairs. The large beige building on the left is the Mairie/library.

A hedge has been planted along the boundary of the parking area and the lot has been smoothed and graded with its access paved.
The road has also been graded and repaved and new sidewalks added with a stone barrier wall at the T-intersection. There are lights embedded in the wall that shine both directions at night...to the road and into the parking lot.
Solid wood bolyards line the newly-created planters along the road. We're taking bets as to how long they last before someone plows into one...probably after a summer fete! They look nice now, though.
These are the new steps up to the mayor's office and the Salle de Fetes. While these are certainly not handicap accessible...
the lovely and subtle stone ramp that's been built at the end is wheelchair-friendly. The area in back of the building which used to be the playground for the old school has been re-surfaced and two trees planted there. An old retaining wall has been removed and steps built with another stone ramp assuring an open and welcoming space for all the village fetes and get-togethers.
There's one project yet to be completed. I'll be sharing it with you soon. It's pretty cool, I think.

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