Friday, December 5, 2014

La Ruche!

"La ruche!" Christiane exclaimed. And indeed, the kitchen in the Salle de Fetes was a beehive of activity. This morning the village women came together to make the pastis, a special regional pastry, for tomorrow night's Telethon fundraiser for degenerative neurological disease. I've blogged about making the pastis here for the full explanation. There will be 32 pastries on sale tomorrow afternoon along with several boules bread which the village men will bake tomorrow morning in Suzanne's outdoor stone bread oven.

The pastis begins life looking like this...a long piece of dough.
The women gently pull and stretch it until it's paper-thin and covers the entire table. It then dries, sometimes helped along by portable fans.
The dried pastry is dotted with sliced apples, vanilla sugar, melted butter and sprinkled with a liqueur. It's folded over and over...
gathered into a circular shape and....
placed in a paper-lined pan. It will bake in the oven until it's crispy and browned on top. You'll have to wait for Telethon photos to see the finished product.

Josiane, Manu, and I were on apple duty. We peeled, cored and sliced a crate plus two big bags of apples.

Monique arrived with her apple peeler when we were about half way through the crate. Things went a bit quicker with her whipping the peels off apples at warp speed. She could peel 3 apples in the time it took me to do one!

The fruits of our labor!

Besides the pastis and bread, there will be crafts on sale as well as hot wine and hot chocolate. There is always a tombola, raffle drawing for great gifts. Last year I won the grand prize...a TV! Dare I win something again this year? You'll have to wait for my blog post to find out.

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  1. I love all of these wonderful village activities....sounds like such fun.